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Solventless Lamination Machine



 Solventless Lamination Machine Advantages:

1)Reliable solventless laminator

2)More capable, more refined, with five roller coating system

3)Rigid shaftless unwind-rewind units

4)Closed loop tension control via dancer roller

5)Computer Controls for all machine functions

6)Exceptional lamination pressure control for remarkable finished product

1. Tension Swimming Roller
2. Feeding Guide Roller 
3. Rewinding Pressure Roller 
4. Tension Swimming Roller 
5. Cooling Roller 
6. Laminating Roller
7. Tension Swimming Roller
8. Tension Sense Roller 
9. Doctor Blade Roller 
10. Metering Roller 
11. Gluing Roller 
12. Coating Roller
13. Coating Pressure Roller 
14. The First Unwinding 
15. The Rewinding 
16. Laminating Pressure Roller 
17. Laminating Back 
       Pressure Roller 
18. Adjustable Guide Roller 
19. Moving Guide Roller 
20. The Second Unwinding

Technical Parameters:

Max. Laminating Speed
Max. Laminating Width
The 1st Diameter of Unwinding 
The 2nd Diameter of Unwinding
Diameter of Rewinding
Glue Spread
Laminated Film Type
BOPP, OPP, NY, PVC, CPP and etc







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