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Film Blowing Machine

Film Blowing Machine 1.Screw and barrel made of 38CrMOALA with nitrating treatment, grinding, and hard chrome plating, which durable for long time rotation. 2.Rotary spiral die which hard chrome plated with new  More ..

Plastic Bag Making Machine

Plastic Bag Making Machine Plastic Bag making machine suit to make plastic vest bag,patch bag,flat open b  More ..

Printing Machine

Printing Machine  Flexo printing machine suitable for printing PE film,PP film,non-woven fabric,paper in roll. 1.Edge position control 2.Ceramic anilox roller 3.Ink pump 4.Magnetic  More ..

Stretch Film Making Machine

Stretch Film Making Machine Stretch film machine use LLDPE and other kinds of resins to manufacture one layer or two layers self-sticky stretch film.The film has good stretch,anti-pricking abili  More ..

Cling Film Machine

Cling Film Machine cling film machine produce cling wrap film for packing food,bread,vegetable.  More ..

Solventless Lamination Machine

Solventless Lamination Machine Solventless Lamination Machine  More ..

Bubble Film Making Machine

Bubble Film Making Machine Bubble film machine are for the application of producing bubble film and bubble film packaging products. The bubble film is made of LDPE material. It can be used for various packaging pu  More ..

Paper Bag Machine

Paper Bag Machine  Paper Bag Machine produce V bottom paper bag and square bottom paper bag.  More ..

Drinking straw making machine

Drinking straw making machine Straw making machine can make one color ,two color three color straw  More ..

Slitting Machine

Slitting Machine slitting machine with edge position controller,powder brake and air shaft,it suitable for slitting and rewinding PE film,BOPP film, PET, CPP, CPE, PVC, aluminum foil and paper etc. and can   More ..

Recycle Machine

Recycle Machine Plastics Recycling Machine is used for recycling used and waste plastic film,bags and other material.It equipped with automatic temperature controller, mechanics screen changer,water tan  More ..

Real machine

Real machine 3 layers stretch film machine, A/B/A For more i  More ..

Other Machine

Other Machine kingdom machine also produce and supply other plastic machines and machine parts,such as straw making machine,gear box,air shaft,screw,air compressor,auto loader,hopper dryer.  More ..


shipment Kingdom Machine Co.,Ltd. supply polyethylene blown film machine,plastic bag making machine,PE stretch film making machine,flexographic p  More ..

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